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Poker Terms Glossary - Introduction | The Poker Terms Glossary

Glossary of Poker Terms

The game of poker has a language all its own.  The poker terms and phrases commonly heard in the constant table banter can make the beginner feel even more inept and confused.  Therefore, we felt that a poker glossary project would be a worthwhile task, to help define some of the more confusing “poker lingo” that may be encountered at the casino or in online poker rooms.

It is our desire that this poker glossary be a constant work in progress.  We encourage users, beginners and advanced players alike, to submit terms that are not listed in our poker dictionary.  Also, feel free to suggest wording changes for clarification.

In the end, we hope that the next time you hear: “That sucker hit a belly buster, and cracked my pocket rockets!”...you will be able to translate it a little easier.

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