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Poker Tournament Strategy

Unfortunately for many of us, success in ring game poker doesn't automatically bleed over into success in poker tournament play. There are many obvious similarities (after all, we're playing the same games...right?), but due to their ever-changing structure, poker tournaments require us to vary our play quite a bit in order to be successful. Of course, there are many aspects of ring game poker that can be applied to poker tournament strategy (make sure you're skilled at your game of choice - see our Texas Holdem Strategy and 7 Card Stud Strategy sections for more info).

Following are a couple of the online poker tournament strategy articles that we've compiled.

Multi Table Tournament Strategy - An in depth guide to winning large online poker tournaments.

Single Table Tournament Strategy - A very strong walk thru for winning Single Table Tournaments (known as STT's, Sit-n-go's, or SNG's) contribued by Ashbash.

Freeroll Tournament Strategy - A three-part series of articles by Fred Parker covering a winning strategy for freeroll and low-buyin multi table tournaments.

Rebuy Tournament Strategy - A solid strategy for the unique beast that are re-buy and add-on tournaments - contribued by Fred Parker.