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Poker Account Funding Tutorial

Signing up an online poker account can be frustrating. When I first tried to deposit, I found that my bank would not allow purchases to online casinos with my credit card. So what is the best method for funding a poker account? It all depends on where you are from! If you are not a USA resident, you have lots of options, and ewallets like Moneybookers or Neteller are your best choices. USA residents on the other hand, are not as fortunate, but depositing is still not difficult. Setting up an account and getting a deposit online within the first day, is still relatively easy. I have outlined my personal experiences with various e-wallets below.

Online Poker Deposit Options for USA Players

As of this writing, there are no 'universal' ewallets for USA players that can be used at virtually any poker room. However, USA poker sites have done a good job of getting working deposit methods setup that work with their individual room. Your deposit method then, will largely depend on what poker site you decide to join. I'll list some of the most popular rooms and their best deposit and withdrawal methods below

Best Deposit Options at Full Tilt Poker

Instant Echeck is the best method of deposit/withdrawal at Full Tilt. You can load money straight from your bank account and withdraw straight back to your bank account. The process is instant for deposits and my withdrawals take 24-48 hours.

Visa/Mastercard. Though traditionally players have not had success depositing with a credit or debit card, Full Tilt has managed to make this a successful option on a very frequent scale for even USA players, so this is worth a shot if you don't want to use your bank account.

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Best Deposit Options at Poker Stars

Instant Echeck at Poker Stars is again the best deposit option for USA players. Deposit right from your bank account.

Backup methods for Stars that works well are Western Union, Visa/Mastercard, etc.

For withdrawals, I find checks via mail to work well from Poker Stars.

Poker Stars is the largest online poker room in the world!

Best Deposit Options at Absolute Poker and UB.com

Try Visa/Mastercard first if you're looking to get funds on quickly. If your card does not work, you should check out UseMyWallet (www.quicktender.com). Request an invite from Absolute Poker or UB.com, as the ewallet is invite only. This ewallet is used at a growing number of USA facing poker rooms, casinos, sportsbooks, etc.

Other methods that work at both rooms are Western Union, MoneyGram and even checks by mail. For withdrawals, I prefer checks by mail. If you don't mind a courier fee, you can get your checks delivered by Fedex, and they arrive in a week or less usually.

If you have questions about deposit methods, you can call the Absolute Poker cashier phone number: 1.866.788.3005 or the Ultimate Bet cashier phone number: 1.866.605.0311

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Best Deposit Options at Bodog

Bodog has an option called MyPayLinq (mypaylinq.com), and is probably the best option for USA players. You can also try visa/mastercard, as even USA players have found that there is a high success rate when using this method.

Other Bodog deposit options are available, but MyPayLinq is effective enough and speedy enough that the others are greatly underused. I have deposited to MyPayLinq. com with both my bank issued card, and went down to a local Walmart and used Money Gram. MyPayLinq is an ewallet, but there just are not a large number of sites that use them yet.

Withdrawals from Bodog are simple via courier and no fee on the first check each month. Limit cashouts to once per month and you will have no fees at all.

Bodog offers one of the fishiest poker rooms that is still available to players from the US.

Best Deposit Options at Cake Poker

Visa/Mastercard should be your first attempt. If this does not work, then you should look at opening a UseMyWallet account. This is an invitation only ewallet ran by QuickTender. You can go to QuickTender.Com and speak to their support team and request that an invitation be emailed to you. This method is usable anywhere you see a "UseMyWallet" logo.

Preferred cashout method is either UseMyWallet or checks by mail. Both are reliable.

Cake Poker has alerted their membership that new deposit and withdrawal methods will be online soon. I fully expect an instant echeck option here in the near future.

Cake Poker is one of the up-and-coming US-friendly poker rooms

Online Poker Account Funding for Non-USA players


Sign up is free. After signing up for neteller, I found that my bank rules were so stringent that they would not even let me use my credit card to fund neteller! However, a better way to fund your neteller account is available. EFT transfers. These are transfers directly from your bank account.

The quickest way to fund your account upon signing up is through their “InstaCASH EFT.” Register your bank account, which takes less than 5 minutes, then the Instant Cash EFT is available. These transfers are exactly as advertised. You enter the amount you wish to be transferred into your Neteller account and it appears instantly. The down-side to this method is the 8.9% fee. For the mathematically challenged, thats roughly 9 cents on the dollar. If you transfer $100 using the instant cash transfer, Neteller will add a $8.90 service charge. This method is by far the best if your credit card is denied by Neteller, and you want to start playing immediately.

On the other hand, if you are the more patient type, you can use the regular EFT transfer method. It works the same way as InstaCASH, but it takes 4 days to clear. It is FREE, as there is no 8.9% charge.

Both of these EFT processes require you to register your bank account, which is a quick and painless 5 minute procedure.

Some other aspects of Neteller worth mentioning:

The “Phone Call“

When I first registered for the Neteller service, I was required to call their toll free number to verify. I actually appreciate this measure of security. I was on hold for less than 3 minutes, and the staff was very courteous.

Certifying your Bank Account

Certifying your bank account raises your deposit limits, and speeds up the processing of deposits and withdrawals. Neteller makes a token deposit into your bank account, ranging from .01 to .99 cents. After you receive the deposit, you log into your Neteller account and enter the amount deposited to verify.

Cash Giveaways

Every time you move your money through Neteller, you earn NETpoints. You can use these points to sign up for cash drawings. As of today, I have yet to win a dime, but I must say, it is an interesting and creative way of rewarding a client base.

Quick Summary of Neteller Fees

Neteller ---> Poker Room = Free
Poker Room ---> Neteller = Free
Neteller ---> Your Checking account = Free
Your Bank Account ---> Neteller = Free if you use the 3-4 day EFT method.
Your Bank Account ---> Neteller = 8.9% fee if you use instant EFT method, if you just can't wait.

Basically, you can operate a Neteller account completely free, as long as you are willing to use the 3-4 day EFT transfer method.

***If you have any problems at all funding your poker account, email me and I'll try to help walk you through the process.***