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Heads-up: OOP preflop 9/27/2008 1:10:36 PM   (Total replies: 2)

Villain was a good player who makes profit.
He pretty often attacked my blind.
So I figured my 33 are good enough to reraise him.

My oppinion is that after a reraise you should cbet on nearly any flop.

So how do you judge the play of the following 2 very simillar hands?
Would you have reraised more preflop?
Or let it go on the flop?

PokerStars Game #20736314451: Tournament #110712351, $23+$2 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - ...

7k vs. 1.5k and lost HU 10/12/2008 2:04:11 PM   (Total replies: 2)
Hello there

I'm so annoyed with myself.
I don't seem to have the right recipe for this situation.
I raise pretty often from the button in HU, BUT: as soon as my opponent's stack shinks I somehow stop raising mediocre hands like Q9 and because I fear his all in. Instead I want to outplay him on the flop. But I think this is wrong.

Here are the 5 consecutive hands that ruined everything.
Oppenent: Very good player who makes lots of profit.

In this ...

Re: BubbleTime: 2 small- vs. 1big-stack 10/8/2008 11:19:27 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Thanx for your answers.

Your point that the bigstack favours having 2 smallstacks in the race is good.
I myself like this situation very much being the bigstack.

Concerning the FPS:
I'm not sure if I really overthought the 2nd and 3rd hand that much.

2nd hand: I myself find it very suspecious if the dealer button just calls preflop 3handed, when he was very active (30%) in Blindstealing. So a minraise from the bigblind - and I think he's ...

BubbleTime: 2 small- vs. 1big-stack 10/6/2008 5:06:42 PM   (Total replies: 3)
In this hand villain just lost an all in.
Would you have folded?
He played pretty tight over the tournament.

PokerStars Game #20979576992: Tournament #112521793, $23+$2 Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (100/200) - 2008/10/06 15:57:38 ET
Table '112521793 1' 6-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 2: yee wah (5485 in chips)
Seat 3: PayPal (1065 in chips)
Seat 5: sam_spade465 (2450 in chips)
yee wah: posts the ante 25
PayPal: posts the ante 25
sam_spade465: ...

Stud HI/low 2/6/2008 2:23:07 PM   (Total replies: 3)

After playing hold'em for years I've started playing stud last week.
But I'm struggling a bit with the betting pattern.
This Is a hand where I lost many chips.

What do you say about the way it was played?

Was it just tuff luck or did I play it wrong?
The "preflop" play wasn't good, i know.

PokerStars Game #15103172954: Tournament #76534812, $5.00+$0.50 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Limit - Level VIII (200/400) - 2008/02/06 - 15:14:34 (ET)
Table ...

Re: Heads-up: OOP preflop 9/27/2008 3:52:46 PM   (Total replies: 1)
But I if someone tries to steal your BB 7/10 times you somehow have to defend it.
In my understanding the actual hand isn't that important, but pocketpairs have the advantage that often I'm willing to call a preflop all in from him.

So how do you react to BB stealing in Heads up?

Re: Big pot, few chances 10/17/2008 2:00:33 AM   (Total replies: 2)
I know my small initial raise would be critizied, but the table was very tight and btw I don't want to chase away hands llike AQ, AJ where im at least a 2:1 favorite.

>The fact that Magistern raised (and you say is very tight) would set off red flags for me, >therefore when it got back to me I would make a raise much more that what you put in and >considering how much is in the pot with the other guys call.

I don't get this: You're alarmed because of his reraise ...

Big pot, few chances 10/16/2008 2:56:49 PM   (Total replies: 3)
I've played one of those new games on PS where the first 5players can double up.

Magistern was very tight and ACESDAN14 was pretty loose.
Magistern's min-reraise looked very suspicious: AA, KK, JJ, AK maybe AQ or TT i thought.
Since I'm only an underdog against 2 of those hands - altough the most likely ones- I decided to reraise him. I didn't care mutch about ACESDAN14 because he would fold anyway I assumed.

So what do you think about preflop play? ...

Re: BubbleTime: 2 small- vs. 1big-stack 10/14/2008 12:58:32 PM   (Total replies: 1)

What do I do here?

A60 vs. random is only a 57% favorit.
If I lose our smallstack ration is about 1600 : 1400 chips.

So do you still move all in here?

PokerStars Game #21190329767: Tournament #114150468, $23+$2 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2008/10/14 13:26:37 ET
Table '114150468 1' 6-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 3: Amphion2 (6034 in chips)
Seat 4: floparific (655 in chips)
Seat 6: sam_spade465 (2311 in chips) ...

Re: 7k vs. 1.5k and lost HU 10/13/2008 2:05:50 AM   (Total replies: 0)

So basically you're saying that I should have shoved with Kh6 and Q9 from the SB when the stackration is 2:1 for me.
But loosing an all in here changes the ration to 1:2.

And actually K6 is just a slight favor to a random hand.

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