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aceofspadez is not online. Last active: 12/9/2011 7:33:04 PM aceofspadez
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just a newb
Posted: 12-09-2011 07:22 PM
hey my names dave and im new to the world of online poker but not new to the world of poker entirely

i have played many games over the years and wish to expand to now play on the net

just wondering if anyone has any major do's/do not's for me to think about
 Smile  thnx
coach is not online. Last active: 11/13/2015 1:27:19 PM coach
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Re: just a newb
Posted: 01-09-2012 04:28 PM
Do : do due diligence on rooms that you consider joining. A ton of crappy stuff happened in 2011 at various poker sites that people never would have dreamed would have happened.

Don't: If you are from the USA, do NOT keep an amount at an online poker room that would mean the difference between your paying the bills or not. Legal/regulated poker in the USA is probably not too far away. Though it's still "gray area", it really sucks to have say, thousands of dollars on Full Tilt that we now hope to recover from the US dept. of justice...

smithseoooo is not online. Last active: 4/6/2013 3:00:36 AM smithseoooo
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Re: just a newb
Posted: 04-06-2013 02:05 AM
Hi, guys. I am new here as well as in Poker game and would like to know more about it. I hope the community will be happy to share experiences, tips and strategies. Have a good day.
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