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 Author Thread: When is mid tables ?
GoonerValue is not online. Last active: 8/7/2011 3:08:16 PM GoonerValue
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When is mid tables ?
Posted: 08-07-2011 02:57 PM
So when I start a tournament I play very tight, looking to make my earnings with the hands AA, KK, AKs, or position play with JJ or above.

There is only one problem... when do I stop playing this type of poker, when do I proceed to my semi-agressive play?

So basically I'm just asking, for instance, when 3000 players join a tournament, when should I play my normal game?

after 90 min?

1500 players left or less?

when big blind is at a certain stage?
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Re: When is mid tables ?
Posted: 03-26-2012 01:16 PM
Hi Gooner,

This strategy of tight early, loosening up as you get further into the tourney, was pretty much accepted as the 'best' strategy, back in 2003. Not so much anymore. Play styles have changed a lot over the past 8+ years.

The popular players these days all play a much more loose aggressive strategy, jumping into lots of pots with suited connected hands, well timed bluffs, etc. that take advantage of old school 'tight is right' strategy followers, as well as weak players who play too many pots and can be taken advantage of by the pros who read them like a book.

Here is the interesting thing. Everything comes full circle eventually. As all the sheep try to follow their favorite pro's strategy, you eventually end up with lots of players trying to play a loose aggressive strategy, and they have nowhere near the skill it takes to be successful with it. So eventually, I believe, the "tight early" will be a great strategy to use against the majority of no skill loose-cannons that have begun filling tourneys, and trying to copy players like Daniel Negreanu and Tom Dwan.

The biggest weakness of the 'tight early' strategy is that unless a player gets a fabulous run of cards early, he might survive past day one (or the first hour in an online tourney), only to find himself so shortstacked that he is in very weak position to go much further into the tournament.

A better strategy for poker tourneys in 2012, is to play a standard tight aggressive strategy from the beginning, with a broader range of starting hands than the old "AA to AK" only range, from the tight early tourney strategy. Base your aggressiveness and willingness to gamble on your stack size throughout the tournament.

Dan Harrington wrote one of the best poker tourney book series ever, in "Harrington on Holdem". You can pick them up on Amazon pretty cheap. Pay close attention to his 'concept of M'. It is the ratio of blinds to your current stack of chips, and dictates how you should be playing based on that ratio.

Final thought. The best poker strategy is a flexible one. Every table has its own personality. If you can become proficient in as many play styles as possible, you will put yourself in a position to win at tight tables, loose tables, passive tables, etc. - That is really the key to seeing long term success in poker. Old pros called it 'switching gears'....

Good luck!

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