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PerkiGoth is not online. Last active: 6/1/2011 2:25:00 AM PerkiGoth
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Posted: 06-01-2011 02:24 AM
This place seem kind of as dead as a doornail? Eh I should seriously stop quoting book titles.
Anyway, I'm obviously new here, so I suppose a bit of backstory is in order. I kind of came to poker from a stint at playing roulette, I made a killing there, then lost a killing (luckily I didn't lose any money, only all my profits and I do mean all of it). So while contemplating a way of actually outsmarting roulette I kind of stumbled upon pot odds (though I didn't know it at the time) as one of my strategies had a 91% chance of winning, but one lost more money in the remaining 8% than what one made in the winnings. Roulette one, Perki zero.
So then having listened to some other people mentioning still other people who play poker and actually gain money I started considering pot odds again and thought that just maybe poker actually might have a favourable win odds/pot odds ratio. So I ended up here.

That's the first bit anyway, the second bit where I actually ended up in the forums is that I'm quite frustrated at the moment. This being my first time actually playing poker I'm playing "play money" Texas Hold'em aaand I'm losing _quite_ consistently. This would have been fine save the fact that I have _no_ clue why I'm losing money and it's starting the bug the crap out of me. It also doesn't help that I recently lost my job and could actually _seriously_ do with the money (which is essentially the biggest reason I started looking into professional gambling again).

That said, if there's anybody still on the forums could somebody maybe help me out a bit? I'm not certain what I'm doing wrong and I don't know where to begin looking. I'm halfway certain that I do my initial card selection correctly, but I've noticed people consistently using looser preflop hand selection and still winning more than I am. I'm quite lost at pot odds and outs counting, but I figured that if I did the hand selection correctly I should at least break even consistently or show a marginal profit. Which brings me to the bit that I suspect may be where I fail the entire deal namely accurate knowledge of hands. For example, having two aces doesn't mean anything if there's a flush on the table. I think I may be going wrong there.

Anyways, this was long and boring, hope you have a nice day and thanks for reading.
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