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A Lost Hand
Posted: 12-08-2010 03:17 PM
I have a question regarding a seven card stud hi situation that I find myself in a lot.

I am a tight, aggressive player who maintains good hand selection (only seeing 4th street 25-30 percent of the time), doesn’t chase, slow plays trips, jams with high pairs early, etc. I’ve done quite well implementing these basic strategies.

This is the hand that is bugging me:

My starting hand: Ace (spades), Ace (hearts), Jack (clubs) (the door card)

With a pocket pair of aces, I raise immediately.

On fourth street I catch a Jack (of diamonds). Now I have two pairs with no other aces or jacks showing, and I bet again. Several players fold.

On fifth street, I get a card that doesn’t improve my hand, and I bet again. Another player immediately raises on my bet.

This is what he is showing on fifth street: 3 (of spades) 3 (of hearts) and 8 (of diamonds).
So I think that one of four things must be going on here:

1. A bluff: he just has a pair of threes and is hoping to get me to fold. I think this is unlikely because he is an experienced player. If this is the case, I should call.
2. A semi-bluff: he caught a pair of 8’s on fifth street and is raising on me in the hopes of getting me to fold. If this is the case, he has a pair of 8s and a pair of 3s to my pair of aces and my pair of jacks. I should call.
3. A slow-played hand: he caught trips on fourth street (three 3’s) and slow played it until fifth street. Now he’s raising on me because he doesn’t want me to catch a full house or higher trips.
4. A full house (which is what I thought he had and which is what he did have): He had pocket 8s and with the 8 he caught on fifth street, he completed a full house.

When he raised on me, I called him and saw sixth street and seventh street.

Here’s my question: when he raised on fifth street, my instincts were telling me to fold because I thought he either had trips or a full house, but my concern is that I don’t want players getting in the habit of raising on fifth street to get me to fold when I have a stronger hand.
In that situation, do you think the right move is to fold? Now that I’ve been maintaining good hand selection, I find myself in these kinds of situations often. I usually call because what I am showing is beating what they are showing. What is the best move here?
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Re: A Lost Hand
Posted: 12-31-2010 09:03 PM
I raise him back and go all the way with this hand. I will dig out my 7cs book with stats on hands and streets but I think you pop him back to set a tone even if you loose.

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