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 Author Thread: best stud8 tip i ever read
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best stud8 tip i ever read
Posted: 07-27-2008 10:37 PM

this is why the game has become my favorite, i dont think i will ever play o8 again.

i was surfing last night and i found an article written by negreanu in which i read probably the single most important stud8 tip you can ever read, i thought i knew the game pretty well but this just improved my game, i have been applying this it in many situations and it just feels right

Stud eight-or-better has always been one of my favorite games, because of its subtle complexities. One of the keys to being a successful stud eight-or-better player is knowing when you have a small edge and maximizing it. Since there are so many unique situations in that game, I've probably done more computer simulations on it than any other. There are many situations in the game when what appears to be the best hand is actually a statistical underdog.

Did you know that even a lowly pair of deuces and a low draw on fifth street is better than an 11-10 favorite over a pair of kings? I know that because I just did my homework and ran the hands on my computer. That's food for thought.


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