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 Author Thread: 7cs h/l at AP
TWolf is not online. Last active: 8/20/2010 6:39:44 AM TWolf
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7cs h/l at AP
Posted: 10-02-2007 01:28 PM
whats with all the h/l being played at AP lately? theres 5 tables going at the limits I play right now and zero tables going at regular 7cs. I honestly don't see the sence in playing at a table where over half the pots are split. can't make as much money I would think. Am I just not getting it? thoughts please  Smile 

Money022 is not online. Last active: 8/16/2011 5:58:14 PM Money022
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Re: 7cs h/l at AP
Posted: 10-02-2007 06:03 PM
Well pots you scoop will be fewer than those you split, take half or quarter. On the other hand there's less variance to deal with as well...you'd think.

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no eff eks is not online. Last active: 5/12/2011 4:24:28 AM no eff eks
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Re: 7cs h/l at AP
Posted: 10-02-2007 06:10 PM
Supposedly there are more fish at 7cs8 for two reasons... first, people generally don't know what hands to play and don't understand how to play them as well as in regular 7cs... and second, the high/low split is attractive to a fish because they are often nervous about losing but still want to gamble it up.

I'm guessing that the larger population of fish attracts most of the good 7cs players to the hi/lo tables as well.

I suck at both fwiw.  Smile 

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bobby7 is not online. Last active: 8/30/2011 6:55:21 AM bobby7
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Re: 7cs h/l at AP
Posted: 10-03-2007 03:10 PM
split games are looser because they are more complicated so people can make more mistakes, i see so many fundamental mistakes being made at even 100/200 stud8 and you see en mass at 5/10 and down.

there is money to be made at stud8, the flow of the game is just a little different than stud hi

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