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Doyles Room Review and Promotion Code

Overview Visit Doyles Room

Doyles Room is part of the Cake Poker Network. This means there are thousands of players on around the clock and lots of no limit holdem cash game and tournament action. This room is regularly in the top 10 list of average player population.

The value of carrying Doyle Brunson's name can't be overstated. There always seems to be a tournament or promotion going with the prize being dinner with Brunson and a vacation in Vegas.

Doyles Room Welcomes US Players

Use the promotion code BRUNSONBONUS to receive 110% up to $550 as your first time deposit bonus. Then just play in real money cash and tournament games and watch the deposit bonus dollars convert to real cash. The bonus is released in $10 increments every time you reach 166 frequent player points. This is good release rate since you get 7 points for every $1 in tournament fee. The bonus should clear fairly quickly even at lower stakes.


Doyles Room has a good mix of fishy players and "rocks". There are other rooms on this network that appeal to 'fishy' players. Doyles Room tends to attract more serious players, but rocks are just about as easy to take advantage of, since they are easily bluffed. The point is to not be scared off by low flop percentages. If you are at a table full of rocks, then you can make a solid win rate by robbing them blind!


Not as smooth as I would like it to be yet. It is improving quickly though. This network is much newer than the other successful sites and networks. Tech and software issues tend to smooth out with time.

The software is very playable now of course. For players who are regulars on other larger and speedier sites, it might take some getting used to.

Other Notes

Some interesting promotions that are worth checking out include the $50,000 bounty tournament with $1000 bounties on pros and satellites to the annual Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Classic, which is a World Poker Tour event.

Download the software now at www.DoylesRoom.com