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PSORG / NDB Free Wii Lottery League

Pitbull Poker - Wii TournamentEveryone is invited to join us at Pitbull Poker for our PSORG Free Wii Lottery League. This is a truly interesting league with players earning "tickets" in a variety of ways. The more tickets you earn, the greater your chance of winning one of the hottest and hard to find electronic toys on the market. Who says toys are for kids? The Nintendo Wii is one of the most addictive consoles to come along since ...well, the original Nintendo!

To join us, you will want to follow two quick steps:

  1. Create a Pitbull Poker account if you do not have one already. Use bonus code EXTRACHIPS and get a 200% matching bonus up to a whopping $750 free.
  2. Email us: poker[dot]strategy[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know you'd like to play in the Free Wii League. Include your Pitbull Poker nickname and Poker-Strategy.Org forum nickname in your email. (If you do not have an account on our forums yet, that's FREE too! Register Here - We do not share your information, and I can count the number of mass emails we have sent on one hand in the past 2 years.

The leaderboard for this league will be kept up on our sister site, NoDepositBonus. Free Wii Leaderboard. All of the details, including the password for each event and event dates are on that page!

Good luck!