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Successful Pacific Poker player loses comps

I got an email today from a member regarding his Pacific Poker account. I'll paste the info here for folks to read. I'm stunned at the sheer stupidity of this policy.

Dear XXXX,

This is XXXXX. from the Operations Department at Cassava (Gibraltar) Ltd. Cassava (Gibraltar) Ltd operates Pacific Poker". I am contacting you in regards to your Pacific Poker account with username "XXXX".

Our bonus point's scheme in Pacific Poker is a great benefit that we are happy to present to our members. This scheme is not targeted towards expert poker players but rather to help the average player overcome losing streaks.

Please notice that our Bonus Policy states that we reserve the right at our sole discretion, to deny any bonus or promotion, or rescind any policy in respect of that user, either temporarily or permanently. Since you are a very successful poker player (as can be seen from your total winnings), we have decided to stop bonus points from being added to your account.

The current bonus points that you have in your account, can be converted to money and placed into your bankroll until the XXXXth February 2008. From this date onwards, although your points will keep accumulating, you will not be able to convert them.

Please note that this by no means will hurt any of your other privileges as a successful player on our site - we congratulate you on all your winnings and we hope to see you continue to prosper in our poker community.

Why does it matter whether he is a winner or a loser at poker? The site earns rake from his play just the same as from average or poor players. I can understand a casino, online or offline blocking out a player who is killing their blackjack tables or video poker machines. However, penalizing a player because he is successfully winning money from other poker players is unheard of.

If Pacific Poker bosses ever wonder why their site is still near the bottom in terms of population even though they are one of the oldest online poker sites, they need look no further than policies like this.

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