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CD Poker Review and Coupon Code

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CD Poker is probably the 2nd most well known iPoker room behind Titan Poker. If you've played at Titan, you should definitely consider CD Poker. CD Poker is not open to USA players, but they have done a great job of attracting non-USA players to their room, creating an excellent player base in the process. A solid bonus and nice VIP player programs round out a good option for online rounders.

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First, I should point out that the default bonus at CD Poker is 50% match up to $200. We have negotiated with CD Poker to be able to offer our members and visitors the highest bonus available though. Use bonus code TOPBONUS to receive 150% up to $600 free, plus a free token to a $10,000 freeroll.

CD Poker's bonus is cleared by earnings points playing cash tables and tournaments, and clears best at $2/$4 limit or some equivalent. Positive aspects of this bonus are several. First, it's a gradual release bonus. You earn $10 of your bonus at a time, so if you don't clear it all, no big deal. Secondly, you earn points even if you are not involved in the hand. As long as you are dealt cards, you earn points. Good point totals are awarded for tournament play. For every $1 in fee, you earn 15 points. Finally, the more you play, the more points you will earn per hand under the VIP system. High volume players can be bonus clearing machines!

CD Poker earns a 3/5 star rating on bonus, simply because the 1200 points per $10 is a bit hard to reach for micro limit or very casual gamers. If you're comfortable at $2/$4 limit, $50/$1 NL, and play tournaments that are at least $10 buyins, this bonus would rate much higher.


Good games can be found on this network. Rakeback is strictly not allowed, so many of your recreational grinders are absent. CD Poker's VIP promotions make for good returns to high volume players though, so don't expect everyone to be a fish.

Plenty of fishing holes here though, and earns an above average rating.


I personally loved the software on the iPoker network, when they allowed USA players. Clean, easy to use and stable. Information on your VIP promotions, tourney tokens and the like are readily available and easy to locate. It doesn't hog resources on your computer either, like some rooms will.

Other Notes

When some poker sites stopped catering to USA players, in most cases it didn't bother me. In the case of iPoker, it did. This was my #2 place to play and I'd worked up pretty far into the VIP system.

You non-USA guys and gals should consider yourself lucky to have CD Poker and the iPoker network as an option these days, and when they open back up to USA players again, you'll see me back there.

Download the software now at www.CDPoker.com