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Poker Buddy - 11/30/07

There's a new poker hand analysis/tracking program that's been in beta for awhile now and it appears to be a good one. The program is called Poker Buddy. You can take a look at the demo, or just go straight for the download and test drive it for up to 2000 hands.

One of the first things you'll notice is how easy it is to get the program up and running. It installs fast, with no database to setup or that sort of thing. If you do have problems, they have a live help feature. Not shabby, having live help for a tracking/analysis program! Granted, you probably won't have to use it much, as the program is easy for even the most backward, non-number crunching player. It's always good though, to see a company that provides solid support for their product.

The bells and whistles include the stats that you would expect to see in a tracking program. Everything from voluntarily put money into the pot percentages, to win percentage at showdown. Some extras that you wouldn't expect are graphing functions and an in depth bankroll management section where you can add things like rakeback deals, bonuses, deposits/withdraws. There is a calendar system, much like you would see on a PDA, that you can add events you plan to participate in, online or off. Speaking of offline, there is a section for keeping up with bankroll fluctuations for offline play. That'll come in handy for those of you who are actually paying your taxes!

I think you get the picture. It's one of the better programs to come along since Poker Tracker, and definitely something to at least test drive. In my opinion, it's more appealing to the eyes than Poker Tracker looks a lot easier to use for newer players who are often overwhelmed by the raw data that jumps at you when you first get PT opened.

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