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Absolute Poker members victimized by rogue employee... -- 10/23/07

Absolute Poker has long been one of my favorite sites and I won't stop playing there because of this most recent revelation, but it does serve as a wakeup call for all online poker sites' security departments that the poker community must remain vigilant. As with any company, all it takes is one bad apple employee with access to sensitive data and you've got a monkey wrench tossed into your whole operation. It also serves as a kick in the pants for the PR departments who will no doubt handle issues like this a LOT differently in the future.

For those of you in the dark, the short story is, an employee was able to use his position at Absolute to view other players cards and roll over the high stakes tables and tournaments for a while. This continued until some of the other players using stats from Poker Tracker were able to determine that the player's actions were only possible if the other players' cards were laying face up on the table.

Thankfully the vast, vast majority of players at Absolute have nothing to worry about since the high stakes tables are only populated by a small portion of players.

An excerpt from Absolute's email is below:

Absolute Poker has identified an internal security breach that compromised our systems for a limited period of time. The cause of the breach has been determined and completely resolved. In addition, all necessary resources, both internal and external, have been engaged to ensure this does not happen again. Our investigation is not fully concluded, and we wish to thank the extended poker community for any and all assistance related to the matter.

Game integrity has always and continues to be of the utmost importance at Absolute Poker. The Management of Absolute Poker is appalled by these findings, and is committed to our players and to the integrity of our site and the online poker industry.

All players affected by the security breach will be identified during the audit process that has been initiated and all funds, including interest, will be returned. Absolute Poker would like to apologize for the recent events and is committed to diligently working with outside security firms, auditing firms, the extended poker community and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to ensure the situation is entirely resolved.

A comprehensive statement will be forthcoming shortly providing more details of the situation.

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