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The Pacific Poker Rakeback offer is no longer available to new players as of May 1, 2008. If you are a high-volume player, please CONTACT US for other options that you will find appealing.

Pacific Poker Rakeback

Players have long awaited a good offer at Pacific Poker, and it's finally here. New players who follow the instructions below will earn a 25% loyalty bonus from all rake generated from their play at the poker tables and even casino losses. The 25% earnings are deposited into your player account, by the Pacific Poker cashier. Players are eligible for Pacific's signup bonus and any reloads and promotions, on top of this loyalty bonus program!

This program is for new real money Pacific Poker players. If you have an existing Pacific Poker account, please email us for your options: poker.strategy@gmail.com

Signup Instructions

1. Uninstall the Pacific Poker Software
If you've already downloaded and installed Pacific software but have not yet deposited you can still get a loyalty account. You'll need to uninstall it (Start > Programs > Pacific Poker > Uninstall Pacific Poker)

2. Clear Your Internet Explorer Cookies
Clear your cookies from within Internet Explorer (Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies). If you skip this step, you may not track to our program!

3. Download and Install the Software
Using Internet Explorer, click below to visit Pacific Poker's website, then download and install the software.

4. Setup Your Account
After you've installed the software, Pacific will launch. Create a real money account and fill out your details. Make sure to check Pacific's site for bonus details. As of this writing, they offer 25% up to $100 free, and monthly reloads.

5. Finish Up
Email us with your Pacific Poker username and and we will check to ensure that your nickname is on our player list.

If you would like to make sure you are tracked before you deposit to the account, just make a note in your email that you have not deposited to the account yet and we'll take it from there.