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Free Poker Tracker

Register to win a free copy of poker tracker. This is the full version, purchased on your behalf, directly from the team. You'll get all of the updates and support that come with a regular purchase of this program. Poker Tracker is the most popular number crunching software for online poker players. You can view how you are doing, or dig into the stats of your opponents to get a deep understanding of how they play. The vast majority of winning online poker players consider Poker Tracker a "must-have".

What can I win?

Your choice of:

- Free Poker Tracker Holdem - Full Version
- Free Poker Tracker Omaha - Full Version
- Free Poker Tracker Stud - Full Version

How do I register?
Email us and just let us know you would like to register for this contest.

How do I win?
We do two random drawings a month from the list of registrations, and then look to make sure you are an active poster in our poker forums. What is an active member? 2-3 posts in the past 30 days is fine. Just don't be a stranger! There are a lot of interesting poker players, just like yourself, sharing advice and improving every day through poker discussions in our forums. We'd love to have you join us! Registration is free and will take you less than two minutes of your time.

Winners will be announced each month in our General Chat and Special Events forum, and we'll also email you a notification.

What if I don't want to wait to win?
You can download a free trial of Poker Tracker, directly from their site. Just go to PokerTracker.Com and click on the "Want to Buy?" link and read about the free trial.

If you are considering making a deposit to a poker room that we promote, I'd be more than happy to buy a full version copy of Poker Tracker for you as well. Email me and we'll start discussing a deal. Poker(dot)strategy(at)gmail(dot)com

The sticker price is $55, but you can get a discounted copy of Poker Tracker for $44 as a member of our site. Send us an email to find out how.

Update! - PT version 3 has launched. Click this link to get a free poker tracker 3 copy.