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VC Poker Review and Bonus Code

Overview Visit VC Poker

Established in 2002, VC Poker is today one of the largest online poker rooms in Europe catering to upwards of 20,000 players each night. Owned and operated by independent bookmaker Victor Chandler, a name synonymous with trust and integrity, VC Poker provides a safe and secure online poker environment not to mention a whole raft of generous and innovative player offerings.

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VC Poker offers two excellent options:

Offer 1 - 200% up to $500 Deposit Match Bonus

  • Bonus Code: FABFIVE
  • Minimum deposit = $10
  • Max bonus = $500
  • Release Time Period = 45 days
  • The bonus is credited as pending bonus dollars and are released as you earn 'action points.' $5 are released for every 500 points earned.

Offer 2 - $100 Free Bankroll!

  • Bonus Code: 25FREE
  • $25 cash credited to your account. No deposit required. Proof of ID required.
  • $75 bonus dollars credited as pending bonus to be released as you play. $5 released every time you generate 300 action points.
  • Players are only allowed to play games with a maximum .20 big blind and tournaments with a $5 buyin, until they have played 100 raked hands or 30 days have passed.


Since the name Victor Chandler means much more than poker, you have a lot of gamblers visiting the poker tables, fresh from online slots and blackjack. This makes for good poker action. The population is large and the tables many. You won't have to look far to find a profitable table.


VC Poker forms part of Europe’s largest poker network; the iPoker Network and as such benefits from superlative table graphics. Oversized chip and card graphics save you from having to squint at the screen and make those extended table sessions much more easy on the eyes. The software, as well as being very easy to use, is both fast and reliable and provides such features as player notes, player stats and hand histories as well as being Poker Tracker compatible. There is also a Buddy List feature which allows you to see when “your buddies” are online and, most uniquely, a chat room lobby where players and hosts interact.

Other Notes

This review would not be complete without mentioning some other pretty amazing promotions that VC Poker is a part of. Right now between cash giveaways and guarantee tourneys, you get a shot at over a million dollars in prizes. Definitely a good time to join.

A very well respected poker room, makes this review an easy 5 star.

Download the software now at www.VCPoker.com