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Roshambo Strategy and Tips

While most players consider Roshambo a game of chance and play it for recreation, there are those who take it pretty seriously. For those of you who watch the World Series of Poker episodes, a few years ago they had a Roshambo tournament with a pretty good sized buy in with a lot of poker celebs taking part. You can also play real money online Roshambo at Ultimate Bet.


If you know absolutely nothing about your opponent, the only way to ensure that he has no edge is to make sure that your own play is complete random. As humans, we are all creatures of habit, so the best method to achieve complete randomization when playing online is to use plain old 6 sided dice. Take a die, roll it before each roshambo throw or turn. If the roll is 1 or 2, choose rock, 3 or 4, choose scissors, and 5 or 6, choose paper. Assuming you are not using a weighted die, the opponent will have no way of achieving an edge based on your predictabilities.

Prediction Techniques

The first determination you will hope to make regarding your opponent is which option your opponent favors. If your opponent over time is choosing rock 50% of the time, then you might change your dice rolling strategy to the following:

1 2 or 3, choose paper

4 5 or 6, reroll. On the reroll, 1 2 or 3 = rock, and 4 5 or 6 = scissors.

This technique would allow you to take advantage of the opponents tendency to pick rock half of the time, without sacrificing your own randomness.

You will find that most players try their best to be random, but without a technique such as using dice, there will undoubtedly arise a frequency of one choice over the others or even an underused choice. Patterns also develop. You may notice that a player will often choose rock twice in a row, or maybe he tends to use the same choice twice in a row, after 5 or 6 turns.

To determine frequency and patterns, your best bet is to just use a good old pencil and paper. Ultimate Bet has a history feature that will let you see a history of your match and opponents throws. It is interesting how quickly patterns can be seen among players who are not using any real strategy at all.

Winning Roshambo Strategy

It is very simple really. Begin by using random throws with the help of 6 side dice. Use a computer program like notepad or pencil and paper to record your opponents throws. Make sure to record the opponents name as well! Wait for a pattern to develop and begin to exploit that pattern if possible.

Fallback Strategy

If you are unsuccessful in gaining an edge after looking for patterns or attempting to exploit patterns you find, go back to the simple random dice throw. No human or computer can gain an edge over random! That leads to my final tip. If you find that your opponent is using a similar random strategy or you can't seem to pick out a particular pattern or frequency, you should probably end the match as soon as possible and look for an easy opponent. Online real money games will charge fees or rake, and if both opponents are playing a truly random strategy, the only one who makes money is the casino! Find weak opponents and win. Avoid other players who use randomization!

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