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Handling Large Sit and Go’s

The sit and go tournament and online poker fit together perfectly, especially the Texas Holdem ones. Online poker is for people who want to sit down and play cards at a moment's notice, and the sit and go is a poker tournament that allows you to do just that. A traditional sit and go has only 9 or 10 players, but online poker sites have gone out of their way to accommodate the many players interested in Internet poker, and so many sites now provide sit and go’s of varying sizes. On some sites, you can play heads-up, three player, four player, five player, or six player sit and go’s. You can also play a larger sit and go, with between two and five tables worth of players. Of course the most popular ones are Texas Hold em, so there is always a Hold'em Sit and Go starting around the clock at all the popular online poker rooms.

The question for the texas holdem strategy freak is how to handle a multi-table sit and go. Should you treat it like a regular sit and go, or like a traditional large tournament? The answer, as you might expect, is a little of both.

Like a regular sit and go, multi-table sit and go’s are usually played online. What this means is that you will probably have a decent number of players who like to move fast right away. This is a good situation for a player using a survival strategy to collect chips. Sit back, play premium hands, and wait for an aggressive opponent to overplay their hand, and you may find yourself with a healthy chip stack very early on.

Don’t worry too much about what is going on at the other tables. As in a traditional big field tournament, you will want to know some basic things, like how many players are left and what the average chip stack is, but your focus should be on your performance at your own table. In any sit and go tournament, you are not going to get paid unless you go deep into the final table, so you really are wasting time if you are focused on how fast the players at the other tables are being eliminated. It may help to think of a multi-table sit and go as a sit and go with replacements. That is to say, play your normal sit and go strategy, but realize that your table will be refilled a couple of times before it is all over.

By the time you reach the final table, some opponents will have much larger chip stacks than you would see at a smaller sit and go. You should not let this alter your strategy too much either. If you are a short stack you need to get aggressive and move up, if you are a big stack you need to put pressure on the smaller ones, and if you are in the middle, you need to decide if you just want to hang in there and try to make the money, or if you want to make an aggressive move yourself. Of course, if you are successful, the rewards will be greater than in a single table sit and go.

Now that you’ve read all about how to handle large sit and go’s, apply this knowledge the next time you play texas holdem online.