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News Articles and Videos concerning UIGEA 2006

A compilation of news articles, editorials and video can be found below. The reader/viewer will notice that most folks viewing this from an outside perspective believe like we do that the UIGEA is both unfair and unenforceable. If you find articles or videos germane to this discussion, please feel free to submit those for possible inclusion.

Sports Illustrated Editorial

Anti-Gambling folks=phonies

CNN Articles

The Day in Numbers: $6.5 Billion ...web gaming crisis

Card Player Magazine

A Legal Perspective

Law Violates WTO Agreements

International Herald Tribune

U.S. banking group sees protection in Internet gambling bill


Protect us from Protectionism

The Guardian (UK)

The Deck is Stacked


Online Gambling Still in the Cards?

New York Times

Shares plunge...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Internet Gambling: Strange Bedfellows

Related Videos and Clips

Shelley Berkley (Rep from Nevada) blasts the bill

David Letterman pokes fun at Govt. priorities

CNN Video concerning UIGEA