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Poker.Com statement regarding UIGA

I just wanted to make a brief statement regarding's thoughts on the recent Internet Gambling Prohibition act recently passed by legislators in the United States Congress. The act was deceptively attached to a totally unrelated Safe Port Bill, with no time for discussion or debate on it's merits, forcing the hand of all members of Congress who had no choice but to pass the Safe Port Bill as it was a matter of national security.

The passing of this act through congress will have no immediate affect on operations at We are not currently planning to close the accounts of US players, and all funds within player accounts are perfectly safe and will always be readily accessible. It is worth noting that the act is primarily related to financial transactions between gaming businesses and banks and no penalties have been introduced to to discourage individual citizens who wish to play poker online. We will continually monitor the legislative changes and obtain detailed legal advice on this situation, but for now it is business as usual.

At the moment we encourage all members to join the Poker Players Alliance, and to contact your government representatives to voice your opinion on the potential prohibition of online gaming.

Citizens of the USA, do not allow your great country to be run in this way. Force your politicians to act with integrity by making your opinion heard.

Kris @