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Full Tilt Poker Review and Bonus Code

Overview Visit Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt offers the widest selection of games, bar none. They were the first to add HORSE tournaments and recently added mixed ring games. Along with the exotic choices, you will be able to play the standard Texas Hold'em, Stud, Omaha, in limit, pot limit and no limit. Full Tilt has turbo rooms and heads up sit n go's, both becoming favorites for serious players.

And one more time, just in case you missed it in the summary. This is the best place to "sit on the rail" and watch real poker pros in action. You can even play against them, without having to be rich to do so. It's pretty common to see big names like Phil Ivey or Jennifer Harman sitting down at a $1/$2 table.


Full Tilt offers a large deposit bonus of 100% match up to $600 free. The bonus is a gradual release bonus, and is best released at $2/$4 limits or higher. They give you plenty of time to release your bonus, so you can do it at lower limits if you like. The bonus code EXTRACHIPS will get you FullTilt's maximum bonus of 100% up to $600.

Full Tilt does not have a lot of reloads, but you can catch one every now and then.


Full Tilt is right at the second largest online poker room in the world. They do a lot of television advertising. The combination of marketing and star power that the pro's bring to the table means players are flocking to Full Tilt as fast as or faster than any other online poker room in the world. With big numbers come big fish. You'll generally find loose action at every game and every limit.


Full Tilt has lots of bells and whistles for you to play with when it comes to software. Avatar "bobbleheads", backgrounds, regular or racetrack table view, among other things. Most importantly, Full Tilt software is extremely stable. Hands are dealt quickly enough to keep everyone happy. If for some reason you want your hands faster, just check out the turbo tables.

Other Notes

Full Tilt is still open to USA players. They have some interesting VIP player promotions too, if you play a lot, including your own custom designed avatar to actually look like you. (Just like the pros have).

Download the software now at www.FullTiltPoker.com