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Freeroll Strategy - The First 90 Minutes

This strategy article covers the first 60-90 minutes (or until the blinds are 100/200) of an online freeroll or low buy-in multi-table tournament.


Hand Selection

 - From any position regardless of anything else, go all in with AA, KK, AKs. I did quite well playing only these hands this way and no others in a number of tournaments. I would play maybe 4 hands in the first 90 minutes and be in the middle of the pack. I decided to add the hands below to add to that edge.
 - From mid to late position with no more than 4x the minimum raise in front of you add AKo AQs, AQo and QQ to all in. Otherwise call a raise up to 20% of your stack, otherwise fold.

 - From mid to late position raise to 4x the minimum bet or 20% or your stack for all pairs down to 66.

 - From early position limp with these same pairs and add suited connectors (in any position) down to 76s. Also limp from any position with suited Aces or Kings.

Post-Flop Play (both pocket cards play)

 - With a pair and over cards on the board, a 4 flush or 4 straight bet 2x the minimum bet, call raises up to 4x the minimum bet or 20% of your stack. Fold to bigger bets.

 - With top pair or 2 pair and an unpaired board bet 4x the minimum but fold to any raise more than 50% of your stack unless you have top 2 pair and there is no chance of a flush or straight. Consider re-raising all in if this happens.

 - With trips, straights, full houses, etc. try to slow play after the flop. If you don’t get any action put in some big raises and end there.


Try not to show weakness. If you bet big before the flop and totally miss, consider another big bet. Since you are playing big cards you probably still have the advantage.

I welcome your comments and actual results using this strategy.  I make no warranty that it will work, but I will affirm that I have used it myself with success under the conditions I played (those specified above). Your mileage may vary.

- Fred Parker

Fred's orignal post in our forums - Please post your comments and results here.


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