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InterPoker Review

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Texas Hold'em, Stud, Omaha and plenty of tournament action. You'll find a good population around the clock at InterPoker because players do indeed hail from all over the globe. Player population is in the thousands, so you won't have a problem finding a table.


InterPoker has recently changed it's bonus program. In essence, the more you play the more you earn. InterPoker does have a basic signup bonus, but the monthly bonus for player points earned can be very large if you play a good number of poker hands each month.


Not overrun with bad players, but there are plenty hanging around. It's not hard to find a good table with enough action to suit even the biggest action junkies.


The software runs well. Interpoker is part of the Cryptologic network. The lobby is very user friendly, allowing you to see a wealth of information about the table you are considering joining. The software even has a voice option for the dealer, if you are interested in sound effects. Note taking, hand histories and the like are all available.

Other Notes

InterPoker allows players to be "props". This basically means they'll pay you a certain hourly amount to start new tables. This is a wonderful program for short handed experts!

Download the software now at www.InterPoker.com