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888 Poker Review and Bonus Code

Overview Visit 888 Poker

888 Poker offers all of the standard games you are used to seeing in online poker rooms, Hold'em, Stud, Omaha and tournaments. The upgrades have expanded user options considerably. A redesigned lobby, customability, and 3d avatars are some of the nice perks that have been implemented. A big plus for high volume players and pros is the ability to multi-table. Combine these features with very loose games and 888 Poker is indeed a destination to check out.

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A unique bonus is available to you if you click a link to 888 Poker from our site. 115% up to $460, and it is fairly easy to clear. 40% of the bonus is an instant bonus, so you can play with the chips immediately after depositing. You have to play a certain number of hands before being able to withdraw bonus money, just like other poker rooms with instant bonuses. This bonus tops the standard 100% up to $400 that is offered everywhere else!

888 Poker does not have a lot of reload bonuses, but to be honest, bonuses are not the big draw. It's those guys capping pots with 72o! 888 Poker has begun testing more reload bonus offers, so keep your eye out for emails and on 888 Poker's main site for news regarding this.


The official gathering place for the biggest poker fish in the world. These guys hate money. A pro can make his living here, for sure, and just good old solid recreational players can do quite well for that matter.


It's time to stop cracking on 888 Poker for their software. It's stable, and they have upgraded it nicely. The clunkiness and unreliability of the software has always been the primary knock against the site in year past, but I believe it is truly a great time to take another look at this site and give them credit where credit is due.

888 Poker
Other Notes

Fish farm. Bring a bankroll that can take roller coaster swings, because you will be amazed at some of the crazy hands.

Download the software now at www.888Poker.com