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Calling with 2nd best Draw Hand

We all know not to call with the 2nd best pair, but so many times players will ignore this principle when it comes to draw hands and develop an all too common chip leak!  I've got a straight draw, my opponent has a flush draw.  But I've got 8 outs and maybe just maybe he won't make his flush!  Bad idea. 

Flushes are most often made in the suit of the opponent's door card.  Most players will either always bet a 4 flush or will always wait till they have all 5 to start betting.  Figure out which your opponent does and make note of it, as it will save you bets in the future.

Here's another 2nd best draw hand that most people do not think about.  If you have a Ace high flush draw, but you're looking at three of a kind on your opponents porch, you should fold.  I'm not being conservative here.  You've got at best 9 outs to make a flush.  He's got 10 outs to make a full house or quads.  He has already got you beat and has the draw to the best hand to boot! 

The only circumstance that might make you call is if there was tons and tons of money in the pot and you're just having to call one bet on 6th and then one bet on the river if you make your flush.  Do not, Do not, Do not bet or raise with your flush on the river, even if it's a player who is prone to bet his porch.  You have no way of knowing if he has made his full house.  Again, you are just throwing away money if you make a habit of calling with flush and straight draws, knowing your opponent has trips.

Yet another common 2nd best draw hand mistake is calling with lower flushes or straights.  Your opponent has what looks like a Queen high flush draw in spades, and you have a Jack high flush draw in clubs.  You're drawing to the 2nd best hand: fold.  Simple statistics show that if you have a flush draw, chances are someone else has a flush draw in another suit.  Why?  Because if you're hogging all the clubs, that leaves alot of hearts, diamonds and spades for the other players to pick up.  An even worse mistake is drawing to 2nd best straight.  At least with a flush draw, you can pick up the ace or king in your suit and it becomes the nut flush.  A lower straight will never become a higher straight.  Drawing to the lower straight will cost you money in the long run.

You want the best hand or best draw, no exceptions!

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