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Party Poker

I told you it wouldn’t take long. 500 hands in 3 days and 2 sessions!

I decided to only dip into Party, in true Bonus Whore style. So this report is more limited than the others– I am sure many of you know Party better than me.

Bonus – 20% up to $100 using bonus code: CARDSHARK100.

Cash Out – 500 raked hands.

Cashier/Support - Cash in by Neteller was instant. Cash out – I’ll let you know!

Software – Easy to use, and well laid out, especially bearing in mind the size of the site. BUT … even in two sessions I lost money and patience due to constant connection issues.

Games – This is clearly Party’s strength – any game, any stakes any time.

Experience – I liked Party up until I started getting connection issues. Then it was just frustrating. I only played low limit, but the players were extremely fishy and I didn’t mind the suck-outs. There were such good odds for monster hands, and so little raising that I only bet hard when I had close to the nuts.

Overall – this was the easiest 200 bucks I ever made. 2 sessions – 500 hands. I didn’t even play well (I made two horrid misreads!).

There is a place for Party in everyone’s playing strategy, simply because there is always a game, and there are loads of fish. I fully intend to reload at Party as soon as a reload bonus is offered, for use as my back up site for when traffic is slow on other sites (e.g. UK daytime). But, much as I feel I can make money there, the disconnects got to me so this will not be my site of choice.

Cumulative totals
Profit Brought Forward $819
Bonus From Party $100 $919
Playing Profit $102 $1021

So a small milestone. 10th March and I’ve cleared a grand for the year. Small beer for some but I’m pretty happy with that.

On to Ultimate Bet – they had a 20% bonus which expired today, another reason why I came out of Party so quickly. Time to mix it with the big boys.

Ashbash the Bonus Whore.

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