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The basic lessons I've learnt are:

1. Bonus money is good and freely available without in any way scamming the system.
2. Some sites are better than others
3. My game is better suited to some sites than others 

Ultimate Bet

Bonus – 20% up to $100. (The Ultimate Bet bonus is now 100% up to $650!) They also ran another promotion so I had the same again. :-)

Cash Out – Bonus dollars are released slowly as you play. Its a painful process, and by far the hardest bonus to earn that I've come across so far. Plus the bonus dollars are not available to gamble with until you release them. I can't explain the release system but basically you get points for raked hands and time spent at the table.

I played almost 40 hours at UB and only released about $60 of bonus. OK I was only playing low limit but still, thats a bit heavy in my opinion. However... see below.

Cashier/Support - Cashier via Neteller was brilliant. UB did an upgrade last weekend and had all sorts of issues. One of these was my bonus dollars stopped being released. I contacted support to get some released and they released them all. Good service, or basic lack of time? - either way I'm happy with the outcome. Saves me earning all those dollars the hard way!

Software – excellent. Best I've played at. Reliable, easy to look at. Useful stats.

Experience – I didn't get UB. It was far tighter than other sites, so earning money was always going to be an effort at any limit. But what I had expected was a reduced level of suck-outs. Not the case. May only be 4 players at a flop, but 5 8 off still seemed to win the whole time.

Overall – UB is obviously going to be attractive to many because of the software, the celebrity players and a generous bonus. But for me I could make the money quicker in a loose game at Party. I got so frustrated with the bad beats my wife has banned me playing there. Bear in mind this is over 40 hours of play, so it wasn't just a couple of hands.
Cumulative Totals
Profit Brought Forward $1021
Bonuses From UB (2 times $100) $200 $1221
Playing Loss -$53 $1168

Out of interest, Absolute did run another bonus offer in March which I also took advantage of. I'm not a big ego - if I'm not good enough to beat UB, then I'll happily concede defeat and go back to making money at Absolute and Party. :-)

I still intend to try out Pacific Poker, Poker Stars and a few others. Even the sites I haven't liked have made me money, so I'll keep going until I run out of options.

Ashbash the Bonus Whore.

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