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Absolute Poker

Bonus – Current standard bonus is 100% up to $650. (Edit - this bonus was only $100 when Ashbash wrote this article)

Cash Out – 100 raked hands at 50c/$1 or higher, and 30 days from the award of the bonus. This 30 days is unique to Absolute and a big issue for many players.

Cashier/Support - Pretty responsive, but the quality of the individuals varies. Cash out was in my Neteller account within 5 hours of the request – excellent service for a cash out of over $1k.

Software – Excellent for limit. Easy to use, and good to look at. Can upload your own image. Decent stats. Chat appears next to the players seat as well as in chat window. Not so keen on the no limit slider bar which is fiddly. 

Games – Absolute Poker has grown well over the last few years and now offers good games for micro limit players up to the high rollers.  You'll find good bonus clearing games pretty much around the clock, even if you want to play Omaha or 7 Card Stud.

Experience – I like Absolute. There aren’t many maniacs or rude people, lots of chat and plenty of fish. As a low limit site I will continue to play there. In fact I made $300 from a PSORG $25 prize I previously won and I have left that on Absolute.

Overall – Good site. Good bonuses with lots of reloads. I expect I will use this as a long term site, taking advantage of their bonus weekends.

    Cumulative totals
Profit Brought Forward   $119
Bonus From Absolute $100 $229
Playing Profit $600 $819

After 3 sites and two months I'm up $819, plus I have a $300 bankroll at Absolute courtesy of my winnings from the older PSORG prize. The key thing was that the early bonuses shored up a bad run of cards/play, allowing me to survive the bad times (financially and mentally) and cash in on the goods times that followed at Absolute.

Next site is Party – I cashed in $500 last night using the bonus code: CARDSHARK100 for a $100 bonus. I played 100 raked hands out of the 500 I need to release the bonus and I made $60 on 50c/$1 (that’s 60 BB’s in an hour!). Nice start – long may it continue. I’ve a feeling I’m gonna like Party. Anyway – short cash out restrictions so I’ll be back with an update pretty soon.

Torian mentioned it is fun to follow this experiment, so if he or anyone else wants to do that then either mail me at poker.strategy@gmail.com or drop me a message using the message system on the home page, and I’d be happy to talk with you about what could be done for your bankroll, playing hours and preferred game. Coach has a number of special deals and I’m learning the system with every leap and would be happy to pass that on.

Ashbash the Bonus Whore.

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