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Calculating Pot Odds | An easier way... | Cheat Sheet | Conclusion

Is there an easier way to calculate pot odds?

Thankfully, there are several short cuts that have been devised to make a quick judgment for pot odds.

(Total Outs x 2) + 2

One of the easiest methods I have found is to take your total outs, multiply times 2, and then add 2.  This is roughly a percentage chance of making your hand. 

Using one of our examples above, your inside straight draw has 4 outs.  4x2 = 8.  Add 2, for a total of 10.  You have roughly a 10% chance to make your hand.  Your call should be no more than 10% of what is already in the pot.  This method is quick and decently effective, though certain calculations will be a bit off.  This method does not take into consideration the fact that you may have more than one card remaining to come, it simply estimates your chance of hitting your “out” on your next card.

Do you know of other pot odds shortcuts?  Please take a moment to share them in our forums.  We are always looking to learn new and creative methods that do not include using a calculator at the poker table!

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