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7 Card Stud - 6th Street Strategy

Generally, this is the street you want to stop slow playing monster hands and start building the pot.  If you're still in with a weaker draw hand, you are trying to get to the river as cheaply as possible. 

6th Street with a Dominant Hand

Dominant hands on 6th street include Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight.  The strategy here is simple.  Jam the pot.  Bet, raise and re-raise.  The only exceptions might be if you have a flush and are afraid you are beaten by a higher flush, or you have a straight and fear someone has a higher straight or a flush.  Typically though, you have the pot won, and betting it hard is the only strategy to use here in limit poker.

6th Street with Trips (3 of a Kind)

Bet them hard if you feel you're still in the lead.  If you are raised by what looks like a made flush or straight, call.  This hand is still strong, but not nearly as strong as it was on earlier streets.

6th Street with High Pair

If you have been jamming the pot and noone has been raising you, keep jamming it in hopes of forcing people off the table.  Chances are though, the players that make it to 6th street are probably going to pay to see 7th, so at least make them pay the price if they are praying for a miracle card.

If you bet and get raised, consider folding the hand right away.  They probably just made their hand, unless their trying to bluff you off the table.

6th Street with a Draw Hand

Check or call.  You want to see the river card as cheaply as possible with your 4 to a straight or flush.  If for some warped reason you're still in with 3 to a straight or flush, then simple math tells you making your hand is impossible.  Fold it.

6th Street with Low Pair

Check.  If someone bets into you fold.  If they are betting, after only calling your jam or bluff attempts through the first 5 streets, this is a pretty good indication they now have made their hand.

If you attempted to bluff everyone off the table with bets during the last couple of streets, its obvious they're not folding.  I only bet here if I am 100% sure I have the high hand and everyone else is still drawing.  On the bright side, many times, as a result of your aggressive betting, the other players will check to you, at least allowing you to see your last card free.

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