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STT Strategy - Conclusion

In the early stages play tight and avoid confrontation that might lead to elimination. Rely on strong starting hands and mega-tight play post flop. As the tourney progresses, increasing amounts of selective aggression are required. Position is critical, and always check where you are before hitting that raise button.

Realistically you should aim to finish in the money at least half of the time, and to make STT’s a profitable use of your poker time you need to win 1 in 3.

In the long run, the amount of first places, rather than money finishes, will be what sets your positive expected value from STT’s. This is not a freeroll where any money is a bonus!! Third place gives you little more than your stake back – take it where you can get it, but play to win.

My own records show on average I finish in the money 6 out of 10 times and make an average profit of 40-50% of my stake. Where I play multiple tables this profit rate (known as “positive expected value” or “+ev”) often falls, but if I can keep it at around 30% I’m increasing my hourly profit rate. I believe that with experience it should be possible to play 2 tables at 50% +ev, on stakes up to $10 or even $20. Do some simple math and see how much money those kind of results would make!

If you use this strategy and have success with it (or not), feel free to post your results in our poker forums. If you have any other comments or critiques, positive or negative, they are welcomed. Keep it clean, keep it intelligent and best of luck at your next Sit and Go tourney!

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