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MTT - Final Table Strategy

Now we're where we want to be.  Hopefully you've made it here with at least the average amount of chips.  One quickly finds that at the final tables, chip power is greater than card power.  Again, the “lock-up phenomenon” is seen, as players have limped to the table with a short stack and are hoping to fold their way to the money.

Whats our strategy at this point?  Loosen up even more!  Be bold and take risks.  Dont play like an idiot mind you, but now is the time to put those short stackers all in, if you have a decent hand.  Every person you knock out of the tournament now is very very significant.  In the same sense however, be careful of challenging the huge stacks, unless you have an excellent hand or they are locked up and letting their chips get blinded away.

Another final tables strategy is not to get locked up in multi-way pots.  If you have a great hand, then by all means play it, but consider before jumping into the fray between two other players.  Let the other two players do battle, and when one of them loses and gets short stacked, pick them off.

In summary, at the final tables, flex your chip strength, put the cripples all-in, play somewhat loose and take risks.

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