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Example Bankroll Growth

Based on bonuses available as of July 2004, you could build as follows:

1 Free Chips From Pitbull Poker
Free Chips +$10 $10
2 & 3 Freeroll and low limit at PBP.
Winnings +170
5 Minimum Deposit at PBP
Deposit +20
6 & 7 Cash out and Deposit at Full Tilt
Bonus - 100% +200 $400
8 Cash out and Deposit at Cake Poker
Bonus - 100% +400 $800
9 Cash Out and Deposit at Absolute Poker
Bonus - 100% +500 $1300!!!

From here, play a break even or better game, and you can get large bonuses at Party, Ultimate Bet and whoever else is offering a first deposit bonus. Bonuses can build very quickly if you haven’t wasted those first time offers only getting a $20 bonus.

Time your deposits carefully to get better bonus offers. For example, Absolute often offers 100% or more matching bonus offers. These can speed up the process listed aboce.

By far the longest amount of time will be spent winning the initial $170 at Pitbull. This is the hard part. You are at the most risk from variance and you have to play tight and on the lowest levels, or risk blowing out. After that, the winnings needed to jump on to the next bonus are relatively low. It could easily take you 4 months to clear the first no deposit offer, and only a month to complete the rest of the process. Of course with a bit of skill and some early luck, it can all be done much quicker.

Good luck and keep us posted on the poker forums with your results! And if you go on to win WSOP, then remember me (financially, not fondly).

- Ashbash

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