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Online Poker Bankroll Guide

As a beginner in the world of poker, most people will just load up with chips on their credit card, and steam straight into the nearest game. With the growth of online poker this has become ridiculously easy – you don’t even need to plan a trip to a casino.  Sites like Party Poker and Poker Stars have tens of thousands of players and tables, and offer all the action you want.  Even the smaller sites like Pacific and Titan attract thousands of players and more importantly, thousands of dollars in “dead money.“

Rest assured that there are plenty of people like myself (and many far better!!) waiting to relieve those people of their money. We won’t get them all. Some will get lucky. Some will learn very quickly. But generally they will leave with less than they came with, and in many cases they’ll leave with nothing. Some of them won’t even care because they want to gamble rather than play good poker which is fine. In fact that’s positively great!

And then there is a group of poker wannabees who take another route. It may be that they are more sensible, more cautious, or (most frequently) more strapped for cash than our normal reckless newbie.

If you are one of this second group of people, this article attempts to set out how you can get into the world of online poker, and build a bankroll, without a load of cash to get you started. Its not always quick, and its often not easy, but it can be done and you can have a lot of fun and excitement along the way.

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