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USA Friendly Poker Freerolls
11/16/2015 7:19:41 PM CST

While we all dream about the gravy train of freerolls during the last decade, and the endless poker room choices, I believe we can agree that those days are in the past. Let's not cry in our beer too much though. There are still choices and freerolls every single night, and even more so around the holiday times of of each year.

Here's a recent post about how to get into freerolls every day, and even a little nostalgic youtube video from Chris Ferguson, about how he turned a $0 bankroll into a $10,000 bankroll through freerolls and then smart bankroll management moving up.

Daily Poker Freerolls

While this is a great source of freerolls for USA residents, if you are from another country, feel free to join in as well. There is no country barrier to these freerolls, from what I have seen.

Good luck!

USA & Canada Players get $25 Free to try FAST Zone Poker
9/4/2013 3:21:13 PM CST

Bovada and Bodog, who cater to the USA and Canadian market respectively, have launched Zone Poker. This is practically identical to Full Tilt's ground breaking "Rush Poker" format a couple of years ago. Here are a few quick features that made Rush and now Zone, one of the most fun online poker formats known to man.

The Best News First - Residents of the USA and Canada can get free $25 bankrolls for new players at Bovada and Bodog. Sign up, fill out the application and get $25 credited to your account, without having to deposit a dime yourself. Try out the new Zone Poker format with "house money". That's hard to beat!

USA Players get a $25 no deposit bonus at

Canadian Players get $25 no deposit bonus at Bodog

Fast Fold - Good players fold the vast, vast majority of their poker hands. The downside is, if the cards are cold, you might spend more time folding than you do playing. Not a problem in Zone Poker! As soon as you fold your hand, you are transported to a new table and given new cards, against new opponents from the large player pool.

Many Opponents - As you fast fold your way to better hands, you will no doubt see some familiar names, but with hundreds of players in the player pool, you will not have to worry about your table becoming a shark tank or breaking up because a few players leave.

New Strategy - Being able to fold mediocre hands and get new cards immediately has led to a completely different strategy and formula for success in fast fold tables like Zone. Weak players simply fold weak hands and wait on good to great hands and play them like they would at a regular table. Meanwhile, the savvy players are seeing big opportunities to steal lots of small pots

Faster Bonuses - With Zone Poker, you will be playing a ton more hands per hour, since there is no waiting for fresh cards. That means bonuses and VIP points will accumulate faster.

Good luck!